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  1. I just added a new release https://github.com/dverb20/watch_now_workflow/releases/tag/v1.2 It adds support for appleplus and peacock. I also added a Back option
  2. @ProRock thanks for liking it! Adding new services is pretty easy. I recommend making of fork on github and looking in my watchmovie.py to see where I do getProviders(). I have to use postman to look at the full response so I can match provider ids to their names, and then I add small pngs per service. Feel free to add a pull request! I'll look into making a back button, alfred flows are kind of strange because they only want you to go forward but I'll see if I can be creative.
  3. The sources are hard-coded, is there a service you'd like added?
  4. I removed the requests dependency issue, please redownload and give it another try https://github.com/dverb20/watch_now_workflow/releases/tag/v1.1
  5. Thanks for the support! I hope to have a fix up later this week.
  6. Find and watch movies or shows instantly My workflow makes it really easy to quickly search for a movie or tv show, find the different services streaming the content, and go right to the content. Learn more here! https://github.com/dverb20/watch_now_workflow/releases/tag/v1.2 I promise it works much more quickly than the gif shows! I'd love some feedback or for someone to put in a PR for improvements
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