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  1. Ok. Thanks. It looks as if using Workflows requires upgrading to the Powerpack.
  2. Even after doing the following: "You can force macOS to reindex that folder by dragging /opt/anaconda3 (or even opt) into the Privacy list in System Preferences > Spotlight, and then removing it again." - neither Spotlight nor Alfred can find Anaconda Navigator. There is something peculiar about Anaconda-Navigator in another sense on the Mac. When I run it and then exit the app, it does not remain on my Dock as one of the three most recently invoked apps, the way all other apps do. This may be a separate issue (that has nothing to do with Spotlight or with Alfred) or it may provide a clue.
  3. Here are the results of Troubleshooting, when I dropped the file Anaconda-Navigator.app into the dropgone. Starting Diagnostics... File: 'Anaconda-Navigator.app' Path: '/opt/anaconda3' ----------------------------------------------------------- Check file cache database... ✅ File cache integrity is ok ----------------------------------------------------------- Check if file is readable... ✅ Alfred has permissions to read this file. ----------------------------------------------------------- Check if volume '/' is indexed by macOS... ✅ Indexing is enabled on this drive ----------------------------------------------------------- Check direct file metadata... ✅ Direct metadata available Display Name: Anaconda-Navigator.app Other Names: Content Type: com.apple.application-bundle Last Used: 2021-03-10 08:06:50 +0000 ----------------------------------------------------------- Check mdls file metadata... ❌ macOS metadata missing essential items kMDItemFSContentChangeDate = 2021-03-10 08:06:50 +0000 kMDItemFSCreationDate = 2021-03-10 08:06:50 +0000 kMDItemFSCreatorCode = "" kMDItemFSFinderFlags = 0 kMDItemFSHasCustomIcon = 0 kMDItemFSInvisible = 0 kMDItemFSIsExtensionHidden = 0 kMDItemFSIsStationery = 0 kMDItemFSLabel = 0 kMDItemFSName = "Anaconda-Navigator.app" kMDItemFSNodeCount = 1 kMDItemFSOwnerGroupID = 0 kMDItemFSOwnerUserID = 501 kMDItemFSSize = 1 kMDItemFSTypeCode = "" ----------------------------------------------------------- ❌ Troubleshooting failed
  4. Spotlight does not find Anaconda Navigator either. I will continue to investigate using Alfred's Troubleshooting as you recommended above.
  5. You are correct. Actually there is both an application and a script, and I have separately modified Alfred to include each in the search path. There is an application /opt/anaconda3/Anaconda-Navigator.app and there is a Python script /opt/anaconda3/bin/anaconda-navigator If I invoke /opt/anaconda3/bin/anaconda-navigator from the command line (not using Alfred) it launches the application. If I double click /opt/anaconda3/Anaconda-Navigator.app from the Finder (not using Alfred) it launches the application.
  6. Thanks. I just did invoke reload and "Reload Alfred Cache" from Alfred. I waited a bit and then entered Anaconda Navigator into Alfred but it still couldn't find it, even though I added the folder where Anaconda Navigator can be launched. It is strange because that anaconda-navigator is actually a short Python script.
  7. I did that, and Alfred was still not able to find and launch Anaconda Navigator. This is quite puzzling.
  8. I have an app called Anaconda Navigator on my MacBook Pro. However Alfred does not find it when I attempt to launch it via Alfred. In my /Applications folder I have the following: Anaconda-Navigator.app -> /opt/anaconda3/Anaconda-Navigator.app By contrast Alfred can find and launch the other apps in my /Applications folder. One obvious difference is that the other applications actually reside in /Applications and are not links.
  9. Thanks. After I updated to the most recent version, Alfred was able to find all my apps.
  10. I just installed Alfred on a MacBook Pro with the M1 chip and wanted to launch the Apple Notes app by entering notes or Notes into the Alfred text input field. However the results did not include the Apple Notes app. I tried the same with TextEdit, and Alfred did not recognize that app either. These apps can be launched using the Mac's built-in Spotlight utility. By contrast, I tried entering many other app names into the Alfred text input field and in those cases Alfred did find the corresponding app. So, my question is: what is going on with Apple Notes and Apple TextEdit and why doesn't Alfred recognize either of those as apps to launch
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