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  1. It seems to be because the ~/Library/Containers folder isn't in the default Alfred search scope. I guess you could add the whole Containers folder to the default scope, but that might muddy up all searches too much.
  2. Nice! Although, for some reason, I had to limit the scope to the Ulysses 3 container for it to work. Otherwise, it wasn't finding anything.
  3. That is true. I was just commenting to the former Launchbar user that you can't grab the currently selected finder items once you are in Alfred itself. Yes, you can navigate to them from within Alfred, but Launchbar allows you to hit CMD-G from within Launchbar, which takes what is currently in the Finder and grabs it (or pulls it) into Launchbar. I'm OK with the way Alfred does it (where you have to be in the Finder to start, you hit Cmd-Opt-\ and it takes your selection and opens it in Alfred), but muscle memory often has me Cmd-Spacing into Alfred first and then wanting to grab the Finder item second. Any former Launchbar user would need to get use to that.
  4. The big difference is that in Launchbar you can either select the items in the Finder and then open Launchbar OR you can open Launchbar and then have it grab the items you have selected in the Finder. In Alfred, as far as I can tell, you have to start from the Finder. I wish there was a Cmd-G (grab) in Alfred, but as far as I can tell, there isn't.
  5. If I set TAB to Show Actions, do I loose the ability to auto complete, or can I transfer that to another key? I rarely see the need to auto complete what's in the search box (and maybe I'm missing something there?) but I guess there might be some times that I need it. Thanks.
  6. tonio, Thanks for that tip, although I would prefer some way to do this that didn't muddy up Spotlight comments. For now, I think making an individual workflow for any custom abbreviations is probably preferable for me. DugRay
  7. I'm coming to Alfred from Launchbar, and one of the best features of Launchbar is the ability to assign any abbreviation to a file or application. Even if I wanted to do something as silly as have Adobe Photoshop pop up when I type "Bob," I could do that. More realistically, if I wanted "adw" to pull up Adobe Dreamweaver, I could do that as well. In v2, workflows allow me to do that but I have to manually create each one. Have you thought of having an action called "Assign Keyword" that would prompt the user for a keyword abbreviation and that would automatically be saved as a workflow (with the app icon even)? That would be useful for me, and perhaps others. Thanks. Doug
  8. Is there any way (short of creating a workflow) to teach Alfred a new abbreviation? For example, say I want "PP" to open PowerPoint. Or is this what workflows are for. If so, it would be great if there was an action called "Assign Keyword" that would auto-create a workflow with a new keyword. Or is that already possible and I'm missing it? Thanks. Doug
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