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  1. Hey @deanishe, Creating Apple aliases works, and appears in results of Alfred Search. One last thing though, would you know how to create Apple Aliases via command line ? Because I've looked into the matter in the past, and I can't get anything to work. Thank you so much, you're very helpful !
  2. Hi @deanishe, thanks for the suggestions. For the first issue you bring up, I hadn't put the file extensions, and putting them fixed it, it now opens in the correct application. For the second issue, I used the command, and I got his: `dyn.ah62d4rv4ge80c8x1`, which is the same thing I got from drag and dropping the .azw file into Alfred thingy. Either way, hard links don't work, it seems to create a whole new book, that kindle doesn't recognize, so I'm going to stick to soft links. Now the only problem soft links I make with `ln -s <amazon-book> <symlink-n
  3. `.awz` (amazon kindle) and `.aax` (amazon audible) won't show up in file search. I went to advanced and added both types of files but still none show up. I made symbolic links of them, and added symbolic links as file type to search, still none show up. only files created with `link <source> <target>` show up in search, but files like that can't be opened by the desired application, it just gives you applications that open text files. how to get `.awz` and `.aax` and symbolic links to appear in alfred file search please ? (Attached is a screenshot with three
  4. (When API comes out ! Also reach out maybe to the Brave developers, I'm sure one of them even uses Alfred !) Definitely, definitely, definitely must include Brave browser bookmarks support, this thing is taking off like crazy in the tech savy users sphere, which is the exact population that would know about and use something like Alfred. Would extremely appreciate bookmark support for this browser, it's beyond annoying to have to switch to google chrome just to add a bookmark and then go back to brave to continue browsing; like it makes no sense, especially that some people don't e
  5. Hey I have a problem: I just downloaded the workflow, made a spotify app, then entered in my app client id and app secret, and then did "Authenticate to Spotify", it took me to something that said: "INVALID_CLIENT: Invalid redirect URI". Help ? Also where is the documentation/setup tutorial ?
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