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  1. Isn't the double tap hotkey a fantastic feature?! (Keys on the sides of the keyboard are faster to find than in the interior. Two strokes on the same key is simpler than two different keys, and fundamental to human language development to show voluntary utterances, cf. da-da, pa-pa, ma-ma, a-a, oh-oh and so on.) However, sometimes when typing a double tap is fired ‘by mistake’. Is there anyway you can set a specific time interval for the tapping to be considered a ‘double tap’? (In my case I have a very useful workflow that opens Drafts’ Capture window with ⇧ double tap
  2. Credit to @CJK which I wasn't aware of but was in fact EXACTLY how I scheduled the Drafts action to send an SMS—before—I built my AppleScript and Alfred workflow.
  3. Yes, I would be glad to. Very late to this topic but now in those days before Christmas I left behind(!) my Samsung T5 SSD on the bus some 240 km from home and just HAD to schedule a crucial text message (SMS) to the driver a specific time to remind her to bring it back, which she had promised kindly enough. I learnt that crontab is deprecated and launchd recommended but the process led me anyway to make a simple Alfred workflow to make it easier to schedule cron jobs. And YES, you can write an AppleScript that calls an external trigger for Alfred which I just tested, like this:
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