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  1. I think this problem is some type of locking that Sync on the QNAP NAS is doing. Basically got no where with it. Finally went and set up syncthing from Github on my machines and it seems to work fine. Had used Syncthing years ago for backing up some critical stuff and it worked very well. Thanks for all the comments but I think this is some type of lock that Sync is doing, particularly since I can't use the latest software on the QNAP so lan syncing is not available and it is going up and back from the internet. Syncthing on 3 machines is working fine now two more older machines to put it on and hopelully they will all work the same.
  2. Very cool, works fine on this Big Sur machine and speed on this machine is fine. Great work thanks for doing this.
  3. I did turn off the qsync program from qnap but it made no difference. Definitely can't write to the files for some reason. Even the change from internation to Canada and the change of what keys trigger alfred is not saved.
  4. All of the sub files in that bundle all show my username as having Read and Write. I did yesterday do all the stuff in that link with no effect. Not sure if it somehow the qsync solution that I use is somehow locking the files. Werid as it works on a couple of my other machines fine 1 of which is also on Big Sur.
  5. I think this is what you mean and I had made sure they were but is there somewhere else to set them. They look write. Anywhere else to look.
  6. I just got my mac back from being fixed and was setting up Alfred on it. This machine is on Big Sur and I use qsync (private share on QNAP NAD) to share primarily the snippets between my machines. Anyway the alfred preferences file seems to be here no problem but the snippets don't appear even though if I look at the bundle they are there. Also none of the changes I make to Alfred seem to be saved. Any idea where to start with this.
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