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  1. That's the reason why I moved away my Alfred settings from iCloud after having my files corrupted twice. After moving it once again to Dropbox I haven't experience any issue at all. Dropbox is way ahead of Apple in Cloud filesystems.
  2. Me either. The good thing is that now everything's working fine! Thanks for your good work and support, dude! 😊
  3. I just did a clean installation of Big Sur. And it does happens on my other Mac's as well. I'm currently on latest Alfred and it does happens on each and every installation of mine. Here's an Imgur album with some screenshots of a bunch of different themes: https://imgur.com/a/8PmuchM And it does reports the information the same way in each of them, which is kinda odd. EDIT: After some investigation I just found a hidden setting on my Alfred: Appearance > Options > Show result subtext Mine was set to "Only for Selected Result" instead of "Always".
  4. @jason0x43 Is there a way to always show the temperatures like on the first image? Because, I have to highlight each element to show weather status, temperature and so on. It'd be a huge improvement. And you could set it as an option inside the workflow, so that you can enable/disable it as long as you want. Thank you for your hard work and it's a pleasure to use such useful workflows from the entire community.
  5. Hey guys, I just installed Big Sur on my MacBook Pro and just noticed that Alfred wasn't there with the Mojave Theme I was using, so I decided to create one and there it is. Hope y'all like it. You're free to use it wherever as you want. Download: https://github.com/felipemeamaral/alfred-big-sur-dark-blue Obs: You have to be using Alfred 4.3+ to install this theme. And Happy 2021! 😎
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