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  1. UPDATE BUMP 2.4 Hello. I'm so sorry for the buggy version. I hope no one noticed it So, it's been a while since last time I revisited this Workflow. This update was ready for some time now with only some small changes not finished. I didn't have the time to finish those small changes and I decided to share it anyway. I'd rather share it like this than keep it only for myself. There is SO MUCH to this update I can't even make a proper change log. I'm so sad that it took me this long to share it here. So many things were lacking of 2.3 or less version Anyways, let me try to sum up some of the changes. - Types and Forms: now you can check Pokémon forms and stats and lvls and attacks etc etc. - Filter by Move type: "dex bulbasaur tm grass" - Many Location keyword changes: "dex pidgey location route" - New Keyword: "location route 2" - New Keyword: "dex bulbasaur langs" - Multilingual support - New Keyword: "dex /help", "location /help" and so on. USE /help for ? help ~! - Shiny images for all Pokémon: "dex bulbasaur shiny" I hope you like it Sorry again for delaying this update THIS long. (9 months... ouch)
  2. Update 2.3: + New Feature! Now you can check Pokémon Base Stats. Thanks, @Gregninjaz, for the suggestion and feedback.
  3. Update 2.2.1: - Fixed: Evil Default Escaping of Spaces! - Fixed: Evil Apostrophe Murderer of Links!
  4. Update 2.2: - Fixed: "move tm10" not working. - Added: Location information for Pokémon.
  5. Shawn, Thanks for your implementation. It's better than the one I was using. --------- Update bump. Update 1.3.5: - New and Better IP addresses checker. My Thanks and Credits to Shawn Rice. - Now php.ini and index.php files are hidden as well. - Fixed some other bugs. I hope the initial setup works properly now.
  6. I've just found some bugs here. Trying to address them all to release 1.3.5. I'll check your implementation, because the current one only checks ipconfig en0, so local ip is in en1 it doesn't work properly. I'll check if yours solves this Thanks
  7. Update 1.3 added this feature, Shawn. Isn't it the same thing? I'm going to check yours anyway ALSO, Update bump. Update 1.3.4: - Uploads won't overwrite existing file with same name anymore. - Moved user defined port file to Workflow data storage.
  8. Update 1.3.3: - Auto-refresh page after upload is completed! - New notification banner saying "Upload Completed". Yay.
  9. Thanks, Shawn. Hopefully I got it working. Update bump again. Update 1.3.2: - Upload feature revamped. Now you can Drag and Drop files and then upload You can even rename them before uploading. - It seems PHP has upload and memory limit. So uploading big files wasn't working. Hopefully everything works now. Or at least 2GB files.
  10. Seems like it has to do with file upload size. My research keeps turning up the same thing "change php.ini", but not sure what to do here. I tried putting a php.ini inside the ServerFolder and changed it file upload limit size, but it didn't work. Anyone with more experience? Thanks
  11. It doesn't, I guess. My new "upload function" is not really working, it seems I'm fully testing it now with a friend. I didn't get the chance yesterday. Sorry for uploading a broken thing. Can someone tell me if you tested it?
  12. UPDATE 1.3.1: - HUGE mistake. Sorry. The last update wasn't copying the new files to the Server folder.
  13. Oh, one more thing... If the drive IS listed on Disk Utility, then it's possible to re-mount it. "diskutil list" will show you all the drives currently mounted and unmounted. What you're looking for is something like "/dev/disk1s2" (it might be another number) Then the command diskutil mount /dev/disk1s2 will mount it again. I can create a Workflow that checks what drives are unmounted and then present a list so you can select one to mount. Not hard at all. But as I was explaining in the last post, you're not going to be able to re-mount EJECTED drives, only UNMOUNTED drives.
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