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  1. @deanishe Thank you!! > Have you granted Alfred all the permissions it needs, especially Full Disk Access? My problem is Full Disk Access, and I resolved my problem!
  2. Thank you awesome app Alfred! My condition My Mac OS = Catalina (10.15.7) My Alfred version = 4.3 [1205] I am Powerpack user (Mega Supporter) Reproduction procedure of my problem I create some original workflows And right click a workflow in the sidebar -> and choose "Export" menu And Input workflow informations (Name, Version, Description, Bundle ID, Created By, Website and About this workflow) into "Please review Workflow details" dialog And press "Export" button I don't catch any response from Alfred (export process was silently finished) and my expected exported file is not output anywhere. My Question What's happen in this case? If workflow exporting is success, where does my exported workflow file (have ".alfredworkflow" extension) exist? If workflow exporting is fail, what could be the cause? Thank you
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