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  1. today - do сегодня, tomorrow do завтра, where to rename the commands to Russian?
  2. Good afternoon, I still don't understand where to enter the openexchangerates.org API key and how to do it. Show by example please. I received the key after registering at openexchangerates.org. Thank you, I will wait for an answer.
  3. Good afternoon, please tell me. Where can I rename the words today, tomorrow, on, in to another language, Russian for example, and will it work then?. Thank you r today release the hamsters into the wild r tomorrow bring about financial ruin upon my enemies r in 5 minutes drop everything r in 2 hours laugh out loud r on 24/12/13 forget everything I know about things in movies r on 12 June 15 come up with some interesting ideas r on 31-12-99 23:22 panic about the millennium bug r at 2pm wait for nothing in particular r next thursday at 15.30 ask some difficult questions
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