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  1. Thanks Vero - was about to answer same. Great service ! And thanks for help on thread.
  2. Thanks - I'd just uninstalled and re installed alfred 4. I also removed from accessibility - as you mentioned above (thanks) and still nothing. I tested Textexpander which worked immediately
  3. Also Alfred is checked in accessibility, but I can't seem to uncheck. It stays checked no matter what - so the recommendation to remove and re add to accessibility isn't an option. I did delete the app and reinstall and this didnt change anything
  4. SO I just downloaded aText for snippet expansion and then realized I have Alfred - not a frequent users :) I tried activating the self expanding snippets... but crickets. Doesn't work anywhere. I have most updated version Cmd + V seems to be working and haven't changed any default functionality Alfred showing up in accessbility I'm on Mac Catalina Any help much appreciated. I walked through some other threads and help sites - but didn't manage to resolve.
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