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  1. @deanishe Great suggestion on using the workflows cache instead! I didn't realize that was an option, thanks! @Mr Pennyworth Thank you so much for the explanation. I would never have thought of structuring the workflow like that, but can see that these tricks will come in handy in future projects! Everything now works exactly as I had hoped for.
  2. I am trying to create a Gif Search workflow. I know others exist, but I wanted the practice. The idea I am going for is the following. User types "gif" followed by a query. When they are satisfied with their query, they press enter and the results are displayed. The user can now hover over a result and press Enter a second time to copy the Gif url to the clipboard. The user can also search using a different query by simply modifying the text in the Alfred search bar and then pressing Enter to refresh the results. For example, if they initially typed "gif dog", then that text will
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