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  1. Hi there! I have created a basic workflow that opens up 6 different URLs in Safari and all of them require SSO (Single Sign On) via Microsoft They are Office 365 mail inbox, calendar, yammer, teams, etc all related to the company I work for. What i get is essentially 6 tabs asking to authenticate: Even if i authenticate on one tab, i need to repeat the task for all the remaining ones Is there a way to authenticate say on one tab, and only then open the remaining URLs? or maybe completing the authentication in a separate dedicated window? Any suggestion is welcome Many thanks! Peval
  2. Thank you Deanishe for coming back! About your first comment. Apptivate works in this way: say that i have dozen of scripts, and 4 of them are related to my NAS, so i assign the same keystroke OPT+SHIFT+N to these four scripts since the letter N reminds me of NAS However if i type such keystroke, Apptivate does not know which script to launch out of the four, so i can assign a second key to be pressed to select which one Say that 2 of those scripts are referring to the folder VIDEO on my Nas, then i can assign the second key V to both of them Finally i need a third key to distinguish between them two, and i can choose W for one script and say Z for the other one This is the sequence of keys selected: This means that if i type OPT+SHIFT+N i am selecting all scripts pointing to the Nas, then i type V to select all scripts pointing to folder Video, then i select W because the subfolder is called Web Video and so on It is very simple and since the folders names do not change, i know by heart what to type About your second comment I am not an Applescript expert and i am happy to move away from them I thought that Alfred workflow could allow me to graphically build something similar to what the script does, without any scripting behing Am i wrong? are the workflow tiles just placeholder for actions that need to be coded? Many thanks! Peval
  3. I am a basic user with just good copy-paste skills, and after days of googling, i could somehow put together a couple dozens of applescripts like the following two: tell application "Finder" set theSelection to selection repeat with thisFile in theSelection set theName to name of thisFile set name of thisFile to "Test - " & theName end repeat move selection to folder ((path to home folder as string) & "kDrive:TEST 2021:DESTINATION FOLDER") end tell The above script prepend a given text ("test" in the example) to the selected files in Finder, then move all of them to a given folder on my Mac The below script mount locally a folder sitting on my NAS, if it's not already open, then move the selected files from the finder to the NAS folder, and finally delete them locally on my Mac: tell application "Finder" tell application "System Events" to set diskNames to name of every disk if "video" is in diskNames then else mount volume "smb://mynas/video/" as user name "username" with password "password" end if move selection to folder ("video:MUSIC CLIP") delete end tell Right now i am launching such scripts using free software Apptivate (http://www.apptivateapp.com) which is super simple, i only have to set a keystroke and sub strokes, and everything works See an example, i just select multiple files in Finder and i type SHIFT+ALT+N and it opens up the sub-selection of scripts activated from letter N: I now have to just type V to narrow down to the sub-selection of scripts activated from letter V And now i just have to type M or W according to my choice, and the job is done. All letters are speaking, they are the initials of folders which are meaningful to me, so i always know by heart which keys to type Is it possible to do it with Alfred with the same simplicity? just typing my letters? If so I could just use Alfred instead of Apptivate and above all I assume the scripts would work with any other MacOS file manager, like Pathfinder for instance, which is currently not affected from my scripts above Many thanks!! Peval
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