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  1. Thank you Deanishe for coming back! About your first comment. Apptivate works in this way: say that i have dozen of scripts, and 4 of them are related to my NAS, so i assign the same keystroke OPT+SHIFT+N to these four scripts since the letter N reminds me of NAS However if i type such keystroke, Apptivate does not know which script to launch out of the four, so i can assign a second key to be pressed to select which one Say that 2 of those scripts are referring to the folder VIDEO on my Nas, then i can assign the second key V to both of them
  2. I am a basic user with just good copy-paste skills, and after days of googling, i could somehow put together a couple dozens of applescripts like the following two: tell application "Finder" set theSelection to selection repeat with thisFile in theSelection set theName to name of thisFile set name of thisFile to "Test - " & theName end repeat move selection to folder ((path to home folder as string) & "kDrive:TEST 2021:DESTINATION FOLDER") end tell The above script prepend a given text ("test" in the
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