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  1. Ah yeah. I would argue this is not a good measure to predict the actual default browser of Alfred users (but this is a different topic).
  2. I wonder how Alfred measures this? Does Alfred look for what’s the default browser? What browsers are installed on the system?
  3. Which makes it so hard for smaller, independent projects to attract user (now speaking for Opera, Brave, et al.), when really awesome apps—like Alfred—just don’t care about other browsers (even they share the same implementation!) Now, I’m actually very curious how you implemented the Chrome bookmarks plugin. Did Google provide you a “supported way” to search bookmarks with one line of code? Maybe I’m all wrong here, and you got some sweet API? I’m using Alfred only since a year, but I guess Alfred had features you needed to drop due to unforeseeable third-party e
  4. Hey Vero, thanks for the suggestion. That is indeed a workaround. Yet, having full-hover titles would be still good for situations where even wide themes will truncate long titles.
  5. This part from your previous post Maybe the "it’s not true" was not right wording for this context. Rather I mean your statement is bogus. - What do you even mean by Edge should provide an API? - Does Chrome provide an API? Maybe I’m not clear here, the bookmarks file (for all chromium-based browsers) is a plain text file (just open it in an editor and you will see some beautiful JSON). So what API do you expect from any chromium-based browser vendor to offer? It is basically about opening a JSON file and parse the contents. It is already structured data..
  6. Dear Alfred Devs, I primarily fell in love with the snippet functionality. As I work a lot with ffmpeg I stored some often used commands as snippets. I also use the Name property as a place to add some useful information about a specific command (see screenshot). However, the Snippet Viewer truncates long titles if they exceed a certain width, and the Snippet Viewer indicates this behavior with an ellipsis (…). So far so good. However, a common UX feature is that truncated text reveals its full content when the mouse hovers over it (aka tooltip/title). This not yet the
  7. Thats completely not true. Chromium-Edge uses the exact same bookmarks file structure and has the same internal workings as in Chromium/Chrome (regarding the bookmark management). I actually authored this functionality for a Windows Launcher application (Flow Launcher) to add Edge support for that software: https://github.com/Flow-Launcher/Flow.Launcher/pull/121 The Code change I did was basically just some string replacements to get the path right (easy PR). Everything else was copy/paste from the existing chrome implementation. The bookmarks file is located at:
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