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  1. If there's a hard limit on the number of processes that can be run, then this could be rate limited. This is a good point. However: - Many people have requested this feature - It's an extremely powerful and useful feature that makes Alfred much more customizable - It's a feature for which there aren't really good substitutes - The gotchas are easy to understand and avoid. (Don't add too many workflows, don't add slow workflows.) I think, on balance, it's worth adding, even with the risk that it will be misused. I want to add a script filter with "Alfred filters results" to my default search results, so this would work for my use case. So for me, this would be a great compromise. Thanks for the suggestion! I'm not sure this works for me. The workflow that I'd like to add just returns a bunch of local files and folders, as opposed to something like a google or dictionary query. I might be missing something though!
  2. This is a great feature from Quicksilver that would be nice to have in Alfred. In Quicksilver, pressing `/` while a folder is the current result will navigate into that folder. This is easier and faster than having to press cmd + arrow down, or arrow right, because it can be done without having to reach down to the arrow keys. Additionally, `/` isn't used in many searches, so it's less likely to conflict with existing use. This could be an opt-in feature.
  3. I wanted to add a comment in support of this feature. I wrote a workflow that returns folders and files that I often access, and having to remember to use the workflow keyword is difficult, and I would rather have the results of that workflow just be in the default results. I've read a few other places in the forms where it's been mentioned that it isn't possible to add workflow results to the default search results because it could slow down the default results. A few remarks: 1. There are slow workflows that could slow down the search results, but there are many workflows that would be useful to include in the default search results that are very fast, and wouldn't slow down the results at all. I added a workflow that returns commonly used folders and files, and it takes less than 1/100th of a second to run. 2. The risk can easily be remedied by including a warning that adding a workflow could make the default search results slower, so that users can be aware of the risk and decide whether or not it's worth it for them. 3. Workflows can be run asynchronously, in another thread, and so wouldn't have to slow down the main search results. 4. This feature has been requested a number of times, aside from this thread, so it seems that it's a common desire:
  4. There was a period that it was more or less totally abandoned, but a few years ago it started to see more regular updates. It's now hosted on GitHub, and seems to be actively maintained: https://github.com/quicksilver/Quicksilver/commits/master
  5. Thank you for moving this post to the correct place! I've attached a screenshot of what this looks like in Quicksilver. I mostly include individual folders and their immediate children. For example, a folder that contains projects, and a folder that contains text files that I often edit. The number to the right of each item is the number of results for each item.
  6. That's unfortunate. I like the power of Alfred's keyword based searches, but for items I access frequently, it's much better to have them in the default search, as opposed to having to remember which keyword to use to perform the right search. Adding, say, less than a thousand additional items to the default search wouldn't make it slower. Computers are very fast, and Quicksilver searches are instantaneous, even with additional items. Would it be possible to add this feature? I can't think of a downside.
  7. Thank you! I don't think either of those are what I'm looking for. It isn't possible to add specific files to the search scope. It's possible to add folders, but they don't show up in default search results unless I check the "Extras: Folders" check box, which will cause *all* folders everywhere to show up in the default search results, which is not the desired behavior. File filters don't show up in the default search results, and have the same issue with not limiting recursion and having all folders be visible. For a concrete example of what I'd like to do: I have a folder `~/src` that contains all of the projects that I work on. I would like `~/src` to appear in the default search results, and all the immediate contents of `~/src`, so `~/src/foo`, `~/src/bar`, etc, but not the contents of those folders. I would also like individual files to appear in the default search results. Is this possible?
  8. Is it possible to make specific files, specific folders, and the contents of specific folders, with some configurable recursion depth, show up in the default search results? Quicksilver allows adding specific files, folders, and the contents of specific folders to the default search results, and this feature being missing from Alfred is the main thing that's preventing me from switching. Using the "open" keyword includes all files and folders, but this includes many results that I rarely access, and makes it harder for me to access the few files and folders that I access frequently.
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