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  1. I've made a workflow that searches the BambooHR employee directory. Download from here Github Repo Notes: Alfred BambooHR Directory Lookup by Clancy Childs https://github.com/clancychilds/alfred-bamboohr This workflow allows you to search the BambooHR directory for an employee by their name (first or last). When you select the resulting employee record, it will download a photo of the employee (Hopefully this will be fixed in a coming version to just display the photo rather than download it. It is a bug with BambooHR.) If you press ⌘+C on a selection, it will copy the user's name and email address to the clipboard. The API response is cached for 24 hours, so it might not always have someone who has joined the org in the past day. Setup: You must correctly input the following two Workflow Environment Variables into the workflow's settings panel: subdomain: The subdomain used to access your account (If you access BambooHR at https://mycompany.bamboohr.com, then the subdomain is "mycompany") apiKey: To generate an API key, users should log in and click their name in the upper right-hand corner of any page to get to the user context menu. If they have sufficient permissions, there will be an "API Keys" option in that menu to go to the page. Usage: Trigger Alfred and enter `bamboo` followed by the beginning of a first or last name that you are searching for.
  2. If you spend a lot of time on Zoom, you have probably had that annoyance where you click a zoom meeting and then have to go and copy-paste the passcode from the calendar entry. This workflow helps automate that flow. On the first run (defaulted by typing zp into Alfred), an Google authentication flow will open in the browser. Once this is complete, the workflow will be able to read your Google Calendar. On subsequent runs of the zp command, the flow will fetch the next two meetings from your calendar and try to extract the passcode. If it can't find a structured field for the passcode, it looks for the word "Passcode" and 6 digits after it. Selecting the passcode copies it to the clipboard. Happy to try to take any issues or pull requests, but this was just a little thing I originally made for myself, so please be patient if you ask for any help or changes. Requires Python3, Alfred 3+ and the powerpack to run. Code found at: https://github.com/clancychilds/alfred-zoom-passcode-grabber/ Download at: https://github.com/clancychilds/alfred-zoom-passcode-grabber/raw/main/Zoom Passcode Grabber.alfredworkflow
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