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  1. This is great. But when I open a new note, it opens in a window sized to my entire screen. Is there a way to open it within the existing editor window, or at least in a window that size? Bear's default behavior when I open a note in a new window is one the same size as the editor.
  2. Okay, I figured this out. It is one of the options for a hotkey - indeed, it is the example for the hotkey explanation in the manual! http://support.alfredapp.com/workflows:config:triggers-hotkey
  3. Right - to get the currently selected text. For example, I'm reading a PDF, and I see a word I don't know, or want more information about. Is there a way to highlight that word, activate Alfred, and then perform an operation on the highlighted text, such as "Define" or run a google search, or what have you.
  4. Hi, I'd like to create several Workflows that operate on the currently selected text, either directly through some sort of transformation (e.g. making all caps) or by passing that selection to some other operations (e.g. search in Google, create new text file with text as content). I can't figure out how to implement a simple "get" command in Alfred that works on the current selection. Any ideas?
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