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  1. Thanks deanishe, Very Helpful. Wish that was documented, especially before hand - and I appreciate your feedback and input. -Alan.
  2. Bummer, Thanks for the quick reply deanishe. I don't suppose there is a way to modify this behavior? -It makes the clipboard manager fairly worthless for my usual purposes. -Alan.
  3. Hi, maybe someone can help. I just purchased Alfred (used to own it many many years ago) specifically for the clipboard manager. When I copy some text that includes graphics, the clipboard manager does not add this to its list of items. After experimentation, I found that it will include a graphic if that is all that I am copying or will include text if that is all that I am copying. I have tried this copy from multiple applications. I can copy and paste my desired copy session w/o issues, it just doesn't show up in Alfred. Help
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