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  1. I'm actually experiencing this behavior now, with the Sound preference pane as well.
  2. I would love to replace Witch as well. Something like the running apps workflow here http://tedwise.com/2013/03/04/alfred-2-workflows/ where instead of populating Alfred with the currently running apps, it populates with the currently running windows, which, like that running apps workflow, can then be searched and selected by typing.
  3. This is awesome and exactly for what I was looking. Thank you.
  4. What I would love is in essence something like command-Tab but where instead of a list of icons, Alfred would list the names of the apps and I could search through them and choose (or quit) one by starting to type the letters of the name of the program. Thanks.
  5. Is it possible to make a workflow where Alfred displays the currently running apps and then lets me either switch to one of them or quit one of them? Thanks.
  6. Some of my contacts phone numbers show up in the format (123) 456-7890 and some show up in essence without formatting as 1234567890. Does anyone know why the difference? I prefer the formatting with the parentheses. Thanks.
  7. You know what... it looks like if I just use the folder workflow once, it then becomes the top entry, and maybe stays up there, so maybe my questions are now moot. Maybe.
  8. Exactly, I think that's the issue: if I type "b2" then the search workflow is always the first option. Is it possible to make it so that the folder is always the first option? In Alfred V1, the folder was always the first option. So if I typed "b2" without a space and hit enter, it would know I wanted to open the folder, and if I typed "b2" with a space, it would automatically become the search. (I can't tell if this makes sense--hopefully it does.)
  9. Yes, I have the keyword set to "No argument."
  10. I had this set up in Alfred V1 but am having trouble in V2. I'm trying to get it that when I type "b2" <enter> Alfred opens a folder, and when I type "b2 " (with a space) and then a query, the search results from inside that folder are displayed. This is how I have it set up: The problem is that if I type "b2" this is the result: If I then hit enter, Alfred autocompletes the space after "b2" for the search and waits for me to type text to search for, rather than opening the folder. Make sense? Is there a workaround or better method of accomplishing what I want? Thanks.
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