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  1. Nope @deanishe I am not smarter than anyone. I have not had issues using /usr/bin/env because I usually only ever run my script in a small number of places with consistent configuration. Thanks for all of the advice. I will probably just make sure that /usr/local/bin/python3 exists in all of the machines on which I run the workflow.
  2. I like very minimal themes and would like to try removing the result icon from the UI. I best I can do through the Alfred UI is to make them small (16px?). Can they be removed completely, or be made to something like 0px? I tried exporting/editing/importing the theme with iconSize as 0, but it reverts to 16 on import. Thanks!
  3. Thanks @vitor. What is the Alfredian way to set my path, in a workflow that is running a python script (the script is on disk)?
  4. I <3 Alfred. I have a workflow that uses a python (run) script. The script uses some modules that have been pip3 installed. Python3 has been installed via brew, which puts the executable in different places based on the architecture type (intel v. m1). I used to use the location of the exec in my script: #!/usr/local/bin/python3 and changed to the following: #/usr/bin/env python3 The script works great outside of my Alfred workflow but fails when invoked through Alfred with as ModuleNotFound error. Any advice on what I am missing? THANKS!
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