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  1. Solved by OpenIn but still interesting in Alfred solution.
  2. Hello! My default browser is Safari, but I want to open my custom searches in Chrome instead Safari. Is it possible in free version? If not, any possibilities? Thanks you!
  3. Sad to hear that. I bought a MacBook Air M1 a month ago and so far MacOS seems like a big disappointment to me
  4. Hello everyone! I'm a new in using Alfred and I need to be clarified about some Alfred behaviour. In my routine Safari exists in the "Desktop 2" and open all the time. I prefer using only 1 Safari window. And when I'm trying to find something through Alfred (using web search keyword: g something) the result opens in the new Safari window instead opens it in the current. Why so? But this does not always happen, I was unable to trace the pattern. Can anyone help me? Thanks! P.S. Sorry for english, not my native.
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