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  1. Hi there! I have a bunch of simple shortcuts to open specific Dropbox folders, which I'd like to use across both my macbook and macpro. I have my settings synced, which works great for most of my matching folders (i.e. ~/Library), however the Dropbox location on the macpro is in an internal drive (/Volumes/DB HD/Dropbox) so it doesn't match the path on my macbook (~/Dropbox). Is there a way to have conditional statement to trigger 1 of 2 provided paths, according to which machine is calling the workflow? Thanks!!
  2. Aahh haha of course. The Args box was staring right at me, I thought I had to put something like url=x, but this makes so much more sense lol. thanks so much.
  3. Hi there. Fairly new to workflows and excited to join this community. I'm sorry if there's documentation out there - I just haven't found anything in the very little time I've had to research. I basically want to create a conditional action after I type "new" which then I can type either ["sheet" | "doc" | "slide"] which would then open the respective URL [http://sheets.new | http://docs.new | http://slides.new]. I've tried using the List Filter, but I'm not sure how to pass the argument through to the url, or even if it's the right method. Any help or pointers to examples? Many thanks!
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