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  1. Hey, that's great. Thanks for the nice theme!
  2. Thanks for updating the workflow... I use it most days!
  3. This is really rather awesome... I can see myself using it a lot. Thanks
  4. Ok... This workflow looked too good to not recreate for Alfred 2, so I have (very quickly and dirtily) Download here
  5. I've found an alternative download for this here: http://www.nimbling.com/blog/2012/02/applescript-to-quickly-batch-resize-crop-or-pad-images/ Not tested this yet but it looks very very awesome... Whooops... looks like the alternative download is for Alfred v1...
  6. Hi I use the Clipboard snippets feature A LOT with Alfred 2!! I think I've seen mentioned on this forum that the snippets are stored in a sqllite database..? If this is the case how secure is the content of this database? I sync Alfred via Dropbox and just thought that I should exercise some caution when storing sensitive info in my snippets?? Thanks
  7. Yeah, copy and past is cool, any can use the awesome Evernote workflow... The clipper says cannot start on this page... If I remember correctly this could be because the Evernote web clipper does not work on local files opened in the browser...(?)
  8. Oooh That's very nice! Thanks ... although.. it would be nice if it would work with Evernote clipping.. just in case I wanted to keep the note after all..!
  9. Ooh Didn't know you could do that !! Super cool!!
  10. Hi Shawn Sorry, only just seen your reply... Thanks for the tip!
  11. I've created a simple workflow that required me to input a password as an argument. Is there a way this password can be obscured on screen (i.e. like a password field on a website login?) Or is there another mechanism within the workflow I can use the input the password required. Thanks
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