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  1. This is really rather awesome... I can see myself using it a lot. Thanks
  2. This workflow is TOO good Thank you for this Carlos!!
  3. This is awesome Great workflow, really useful Thanks
  4. Hi I can't seem to see this workflow working at all! What is the best way I can debug it to see what's going on? Thanks
  5. Great stuff! Thanks
  6. Awesome: Sed eget arcu turpis, vitae eleifend massa. Nulla pretium, justo id euismod convallis, ligula tortor mattis augue, eu facilisis sapien dui nec ante. Maecenas ipsum elit, mattis posuere blandit eu, fermentum feugiat enim. Fusce placerat felis ac enim interdum commodo. Suspendisse ultrices congue mauris eu tempor. Nulla facilisi. Sed ut sapien arcu, ut tempor leo.
  7. Holy moly, this is just what I have been dreaming of! Thanks a million...
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