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    spacecadet9 reacted to sonnyhuynh in Google Chrome Incognito Workflow   
    I tried some other Chrome Incognito workflows that the community has posted. Some only work when Chrome is already open. Others launch one Incognito and one regular window.
    My workflow fixes these issues. Check it out!
    Alfred 2 Chrome Incognito Workflow - Opens Chrome in Incognito Mode or opens a new Incognito Window.
    GitHub Page | Chrome Incognito.alfredworkflow
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    spacecadet9 got a reaction from TKilaker in ImageOptim Workflow   
    I stumbled upon an ImageOptim command line tool today on Github
    I installed it and of course my first instinct was to set up a Alfred Workflow!!
    You need to install ImageOptim and ImageOptim-CLI manually yourself 
    Hope you find it useful!
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    spacecadet9 reacted to freshfish in Pixelmator theme   
    Pixelmator theme:

    I love Pixelmator.   
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    spacecadet9 got a reaction from mdudziak in Fantastical Workflow   
    Quickly but together a Fantastical workflow
    Totally just used the Applescript from the V1 fantastical extension here:
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    spacecadet9 got a reaction from Ginfuru in Quick Archive Workflow   
    Just what I wanted...
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    spacecadet9 got a reaction from leefur in The Minimalist   
    Great stuff!
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    spacecadet9 reacted to Vero in v2.0.2 released   
    Just a quick note to say that 2.0.2 is now available, if you choose pre-releases in Alfred's General preferences tab.
    As this is a pre-release, please only select this if you want to help us test and understand that this isn't a final release. If you're happy with that, then go ahead and give v2.0.2 a whirl to help us prepare it for general release.
    You'll find the change log details here:
    Be sure to specify you're using 2.0.2 if you report a bug/issue!
    [update: Now generally available, no longer just pre-release]
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    spacecadet9 got a reaction from Amoftcoorb in Usage Sync   
    Is there any chance the usage data will sync?
    I know it's probably not hugely important... might be nice though...
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