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  1. I appreciate that you need to check, so I did go through this sequence of steps again. (The only difference is that I did not "reload" Alfred before; but I've done that now as well.) I've copied below the output I received in the Terminal window that opened, in case this helps. All looks fine to me there. Spotlight indicated that it has completed the reindexing from about half an hour later; it's now four hours later, so I feel confident it's done. Alfred's behaviour seems to be unchanged; I still cannot find in Alfred what I could not find before. I still find everything fine via Spotlight.
  2. Thanks for the advice! I'll try these same steps for deleting metadata another time once I'm back at the computer in question on Wednesday; I'll also check what happens with changing the location of the folder in question. Hopefully one or the other of these works!
  3. Hmm. Seems like it might be the same, but might be different; my issue doesn't seem to have to do with recency. It's just that some locations (including one folder with all my research pdfs in it!) don't seem to be getting searched. And rebuilding the metadata doesn't seem to help, even for a moment. So maybe you and I are having different issues? I can say, now that I'm back in the office, that Alfred *does* find the folder "~/Dropbox/Pdf library". Moreover, it now, after being left alone for a week, even finds the folder "Scott, Dana" inside that folder. (I've made no changes of
  4. Thanks very much! The computer in question is my office computer; I'll send along the diagnostics email next time I'm there, but that won't be until next week. I know to put a space at the front, although I did also try without the space as part of trying to troubleshoot. No luck either way. I also have a workflow set to filter for pdfs, which also fails to locate this file. Similarly, I have a workflow set to filter to folders, and it doesn't find the immediately containing folder, nor does Alfred find that folder with or without a space at the front. That is, with "p
  5. Since I updated to Big Sur, Alfred is not finding some files and folders. I updated from Alfred 3 to 4 to try to fix the issue, but it persisted. I've rebuilt spotlight data, and spotlight finds the files and folders just fine. mdfind locates them as well, without issue. I've gone through Alfred's "file search troubleshooting", and it gives me a lot of green checks and "Troubleshooting passed". The output from one of these troubleshooting runs is copied below: note that Alfred very much does *not* find this file, even if I type in its full name, despite its "all is well" output. He
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