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  1. @deanishe Thanks! That didn't work initially but works now so that issue is sorted What exactly does "User-defined file types to show in the default results" mean?
  2. @Vero I'm using macOS 11.2 (20D64) Big Sur and I also have Alfred 4.3.2 [1221]. Is there a way to fix this? I can send any required informatoin if that helps.
  3. @Vero Thanks! I've done the troubleshooting and it came up with these errors: This folder was made a while ago and I did re-index Spotlight after it was made so it's unusual why this message comes up. Anyway, I've followed the steps to re-index through Alfred Preferences > Advanced > Rebuild macOS Metadata. I'm on Terminal, as in the guide, and typed my password. I get a message (see screenshot) that says I can press any key to finish but this was literally a few seconds after and I was expecting an hour. Does this mean it's finished or shou
  4. So I was trying to search for a folder that I use regularly and is in the "Favourites" column of finder (i.e. it's a folder that should definitely be searchable). I know I could click on Finder and click on the folder itself but I was testing it out so I could get an idea. It's an issue because it certainly should be searching for it... is there a reason why it doesn't? Also, I noticed that on clicking "Advanced" (in Alfred 4 Preferences > Features > Essentials), there's a way to change "User-defined file types to show in the default results" but I'm not sure wha
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