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  1. @atheosHey! Nice to hear the update! Now I can normally use !bang for most Chinese websites like !jd and !taobao etc. !g for google or !b for bing still seem not working very well though as well as !steam.But I can now use it in everyday working already. Well done!
  2. I'm afraid not explaining it clearly. For example, !jd is used for representing Jingdong, a chinese shopping website, but when I type !jd in Alfred, it's on the next page of the list, it causes a lot of problems.
  3. Hi! I just started using Alfred today, thought it would be a good idea having a bang researcher on it. So I found this workflow, thank you for making it. There's still little problems though, when I type some bang keywords like !google, I couldn't find google search on the list below, even I typed the exact bang keywords. I have this problem with many other keywords. If you could fix this, it would be great help. My English is not very well, hope you understand my problem. And agian, I want to thank you for making this workflow I just needed!
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