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  1. OMG really this excites me but... ...how do I install it? Sorry for newb question but I don't see any .alfredworkflow file in the .zip and changing the .zip extension to .alfredworkflow generates error message I also don't see any notes in the workflow's GitHub about how to instal it Tried looking this up in the "Workflow Help & Questions" forum but when searching post titles for "install", the most recent hit is from 2018 and couldn't find anything clear https://www.alfredforum.com/topic/11664-how-to-install-worflows-from-github/?do=findComment&comment=61101
  2. Dying for this work! Been wanting this for some time... But, as it is now, "TEL" and "CALL" just opens Facetime (only exception is when when I call myself - that works) Same for "MSG"
  3. Awesome! Sorry for newb question: I got the API but where do I enter it to make it work?
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