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  1. Yes, sorry about that. It was noted on the Github repo as well that I forgot to list the dependency. You need to have JQ installed because its how I transform the JSON into the proper format for Alfred to reach and display it.
  2. I believe this depends on your organization's administrative settings. If they enable API keys per user, you should be able to use that. In my case, I was actually able to use the username:password and I didn't even need an API key. Oauth, or Oauth2 is quite a bit more complicated to implement, not sure that would stack well on my mostly BASH scripts I setup here.
  3. After trying a few alternatives and not getting exactly what I wanted, I built my own workflow for searching JIRA tickets if you host your own JIRA Server (so not really intended for JIRA Cloud). I attempted to sign up for packal, but it isn't working very well so I used the contact form to submit my information but wanted to share my workflow here since I was excited that I finally finished it! Here is my promo snippet: https://github.com/scarstens/alfred-workflow-jira-search-utilities
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