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  1. I just got Alfred yesterday. Before I spend any more time banging my head against the wall trying to figure this out, I should ask if it's even possible. I am hoping to make Alfred copy a specific folder from one location to another, for backup purposes. But looking at all the workflow programming objects I don't see a simple or obvious way to get Alfred to do this rather simple task. (In fact, I'm underwhelmed with the documentation for how to program workflows and what all the components do... It's opaque and baffling. My husband is a programmer and computer system
  2. Well, giovanni... I swore all afternoon that I'd already tried that exact URL without success, but just now when I finally sat down here and tried it, that worked. I don't know what I was doing wrong because I tried every string I could logically come up with... but yours worked. So thank you! Mary.
  3. I just downloaded Alfred today and started to try to program in some of my most used searches. I formulated Alfred's Search URL to exactly match what gutenberg.org puts in the URL of the browser. I could make Alfred open the Gutenberg.org webpage, but no matter how I formulated the search terms, I can't get Gutenberg to understand what Alfred wants. Alfred either lands on their front page or on a 404 page not found page. Is this just not do-able? I thought Alfred was able to search any website for anything. Thanks, Mary.
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