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  1. I resolved this problem myself but for anybody who came here to find the answer. add /usr/local/bin in front of icalbuddy cuz $PATH doesn't have have that
  2. Follow up: I turned on debug mode (didn't know it existed) and i get this. [19:59:33.295] STDERR: Class[Run Script] /Users/scooter/Library/Caches/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred/Workflow Scripts/07353464-1632-44BA-AD46-F03AC02855FA:1: command not found: icalbuddy
  3. Hello. I'm trying to open Zoom meeting URL that is in my iCalendar using 'Run Script' in Workflow. I am using ical-buddy for the purpose. I wrote the code below to select my "School" calendar, get some URL in it (which is either Zoom or Discord in my case so apologies for a lazy regex), and open it with Chrome. url=$(icalbuddy -ic 'School' eventsToday | egrep -o 'https:\/\/.*') && open -a "Google Chrome" $url If I paste this straight to terminal, it works perfectly. However, once I put this in 'Run Script' object in the Workflow that I am working on, it would not open the d
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