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  1. After modifying a theme to include padding, it becomes obvious that the padding, font size and spacing varies between the default Alfred window the Snippet Viewer and the Chipboard History. I have attached images showing a theme that has a lot of padding (correctly applied in the default Alfred window, but not in the other views) What you were doing when the issue happened Toggling between the different ways of launching Alfred (Snippets hotkey, Clipboard History Viewer hotkey, Alfred hotkey) Whether you were able to replicate it a second time by performing the same
  2. Ahh, awesome! Thanks for the tip. Is it possible to change this binding?
  3. Currently you can use the `clear` keyword to delete either time-related entries or all entries from the Clipboard. It would be nice when navigating the Clipboard Viewer to delete individual entries using `⌥ + ⌫`.
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