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  1. And I found out: As soon as I am adding a second account to Notion (I have two different emails I am working with right now), the Alfred workflow immediately stops working. Under this circumstances, I receive only the note: "no results - go to notion homepage".
  2. I found the solution: I logged out and logged in again into Notion. Now it functions 🙏
  3. Hello, I also have a problem to make it work. I added the cookie as well as the Notion SpaceID. I also tried to copy pate it via texteditor. When I show up Alfred and type e.g. "ns volunteers" the answer answer always is: "no results - go to notion homepage" I checked the ssl and it says: LibreSSL 2.2.7 I am new to Alfred as well as to Notion. And I am an ordinary user ;-) I would very much appreciate someone helping me to make it work. Thank you very much, Tanja
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