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  1. @Vero, thanks for your reply. Thank you for prompting me to look again. You're correct: although I did delete everything on iCloud Drive that had been in my Desktop and Documents folders, I later decided to upload a copy of a single folder of files for safety. Those (and only those) are the ones that show up twice in Alfred (local and iCloud), because Alfred (correctly) sees that they're in both locations. I'd forgotten that I'd done that. My bad. I'm interested to know how to implement your second suggestion. I don't see any path in Search Scope that looks related to i
  2. Hi, Several months ago I experimented with having Desktop and Document Folders sync to iCloud Drive (Sys Prefs > Apple ID > iCloud > iCloud Drive > Options). I didn't like the functionality, so I turned it off and ensured that all of my data was removed from the Cloud and exists only on my local drive. But ever since that experiment, whenever I use Alfred (Open or Find) I still see iCloud pathways as well as local pathways to my files. Is there a way to tell Alfred to ignore the iCloud paths, or delete them from Alfred's database, or . . . ? I lo
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