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  1. Set up Process: Step 1: type ":anki !" Step 2 : Chose your Deck, Model and Profil Entering a new card Process: Step 3: type ":anki " Step 3: Navigate to Front Field with arrow key or in my case "Command+2" Step 4: You should enter in that field your front card and press enter Step 5: Navigate to Back Field with arrow key or in my case "Command + 3" Step 6: Enter Back card and press enter (Step 7: enter your tag just like above in Step 3/Step 5) Step 8: Now press Command+ Enter and your card should be saved Picture No. 1 : Step 3 Picture No 2. : Step 8
  2. Hi Hi, This community is pretty much dead. I posted one similar question a few months back and nobody replied. Thankfully I was able to solve it my own and therefore deleted my post. Unfortunately I don't understand any code and cant help you out with your problem but if you could share a video of it, I might be able to help you out.
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