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  1. I agree. You're right. I'll have a try with karabiner to see if I can find a way around Regarding keysmith, hover is an issue, as keysmith emulates actual clicks on your screen (placing your mouse cursor where it has to click) but isn't able to emulate a mouse move, therefore the button to hide the sidebar doesn't appear.
  2. @giovanni & @deanishe Thank you both for your detailed answers. Unfortunately, none of those solutions worked. Even through the script editor (and I checked : it has accessibility permissions.) It's weird because I tried with a different key code (44 → = sign on a french keyboard) to emulate the zoom in (with ⌘) and it worked. I've been able to solve other keyboard shorcuts issues I had with Keysmith, but as this ability (hiding the side bar) in notion appears only on hover, keysmith isn't able to solve it (I've been in contact with them to t
  3. Maybe it has soemthing to do with the key codes being different on a french azerty keyboard ?
  4. Hi giovanni Thanks for your answer and the welcome. I tried what you just said (see screenshots, just to be sure I did it right). What happens in Notion when I use my hotkey : it types the character ` (counter tick, if i'm correct). Is there something I'm doing wrong ? Sorry, I'm completely new to scripts and not sure at all.
  5. Hi all, Fabrice/poirpom here. I live in France*. This my is first post in this forum. *Therefore my ability to write or understand english is far from perfection. Apologize my mistakes. To provide a little bit of context : Happy powerpack Alfred user from more than 3 years, I enjoy using it every single day (29.7 times a day on average according to the usage stats provided, up to 150 on a single day). Although I have no knowledge at all in scripting, I find ways to achieve very helpful stuff with Alfred every day, thanks to the basic but powerful
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