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  1. Thanks. Indeed, one of my reasons for switching to Mac was precisely because I trust the macOS to be more secure than Windows... I'm still getting used to how this new universe works. I've just seen on the Alfred main page that "Alfred 4 for Mac is Developer ID Signed and Notarised." This, together with the kind replies from you and Deanishe, has done enough to satisfy me! Now I just need to decide if to get the Mega version. How often do new versions come out, and do they render previous ones obsolete? I get the feeling that I might get hooked and become dependent on s
  2. Thank you for the friendly responses. Is this something that has been verfied by an audit or someone else being able to examine the code? Are there databases of workflows which can be searched, and generally trusted? Thanks again!
  3. I have just switched to Mac after decades on Windows, and I'm trying to decide whether to purchase Alfred. I have three questions which perhaps people here can help with: 1) Is Alfred safe from a security/privacy perspective? It seems like it has access to absolutely everything on the computer, all controld and information 2) Is is it safe to install workflows, given that they are created by random individuals (no offence meant! just that one doesn't know the source)? 3) Would you recommend the powerpack v4, or the mega version with lifetime updates? Thank you
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