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  1. I forgot I had Keyboard Maestro. I'll try it again. I'll let you know. Thanks for all your help. Might get to it tonight, if not over the weekend. Take care
  2. It has to be several at a time. The ENTER+ENTER goes to the next database field. We use this to renumber fields that are no longer necessary. Sometimes there are 5 in a row and sometimes 100. I just want to know how to go for "KM Text" to "KM Tit" and I have to be able to type in the number since it is not sequential all the time. I start by typing a number at the end of the words "Untitled_" Then I want to trigger the ENTER ENTER and pasting of "Untitled_" again. Then I type a new number, then trigger the ENTER ENTER and paste of "Untitled_" again. 5x, 10x, 100x. It depends on w
  3. Here's a link to a movie of what I am trying to accomplish:
  4. How can I get Alfred to fire: Paste clipboard (then I have to type something manually) + Enter + Enter I'm new and I cannot seem to get the concept of the Workflow. This certainly seems like a prime candidate. The searching with Alfred is fantastic. The Snippets are fantastic. This would really make the product amazing for me. Morrie
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