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  1. Thanks @deanishe. I searched all day on Saturday and could not find what I was looking for -- There are many that do the link formatting that I want, but it's all the active browser tab, rather than referencing bookmarks. And in fact, I would probably not be using this workflow while IN the browser, I would normally be using it in Omnifocus. I wasn't sure how to modify those workflows (that do the url/title part I'm looking for) to be referencing a queried bookmark. I wasn't sure if my approach should be to combine something like this: http://www.packal.org/workflow/chrome-bookmarks-0 with something like this: https://github.com/esanai/lazylink and at what exact point should they be combined. What I'm stuck on is that one part is a script filter (the querying I want to do in alfred) and then another one is running a script (making the link). It's almost like a file action...but not on a file? Edit: The lazylink script works because, in the active browser, it defines link title as document.title. In my browser bookmarks file, the title and link are "name" and "url" in a json object. So I think I would need a script filter that searches the bookmarks file, like the one I linked above. And then run a script that parses out the json title and url and then formats that into a link (which lazylink has). I feel like I'm so close!
  2. I love that I can search bookmarks in alfred natively! I discovered that I can copy the url of the bookmark to clipboard by just using CTRL-C. Now I am hoping to create a workflow to copy the bookmark's TITLE AND URL to clipboard. Whether in markdown format, or formatted as a rich text link, or just A and then B. How do i access the bookmark's title to be able to accomplish this?
  3. Hi there, I'm hoping to add a follow-on question here. Ctrl-C does work on the selected result to copy the URL -- what I am looking for is a way to copy the URL and Title Sort of like the below. There seem to be lots of alfred workflows to grab the URL and title from a chrome browser-- but i'm looking to do it from an alfred web result (mainly: my chrome bookmarks that i'm searching that i need to paste a formatted link to elsewhere)
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