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  1. this issue with PHP notices is something I have with a lot of workflows based on PHP, since I am a PHP developer myself I have set the error reporting in my php.ini to E_ALL | E_STRICT, meaning I will get all errors, warnings and notices printed. The quick fix is changing the setting in your php.ini file. The solution I've done is adding: error_reporting(0); to php-files in the workflows that are not working for me.
  2. Well, easier is probably not the best terminology. But since my library.json file gets quite large (~13mb), the player takes a while to load. Updating without loading the player is just quicker… this is an issue overall for me with the mini player actually. I guess I have too many playlists...
  3. I added a simple way to make it easier to update the library.json file: http://cl.ly/OF1t
  4. Since I have php set up to error report notices, I'm getting a lot of stacked notices in front of the hash, the easiest solution for this is by adding: error_reporting(0); at the top of e4WorkflowApp.php.
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