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  1. @Verothanks for you answer. That helps a lot for troubleshooting! I will come up if I found the monster. Maybe something can be done to prevent or at least add that to any documentation, ...
  2. @Vero I found out, that pasting stops if more then one Alfred 3 process is shown within the Activity Monitor of macOS (Aktivit├Ątsanzeige in german): If I kill process with fewer CPU-Time (CPU-zeit in German) pasting from Alfred's paste feature works like a charm! @VeroWhat can we/I do to debug that further? Let me know what I have to do or what I can send you!
  3. @Vero thanks for you advices - The Compatibility Mode does many weird stuff. I was not able to use Alfred, every Alfred Shortcut command freezes the app. So I've disabled it. - I disabled macOS's Handoff (the universal clipboard foo) && Bartender v3 So far I have no troubles with pasting.. Beside that, I have troubles with one workflow which stops working after some time. BUT after killing all (mostly 3) Alfred processes and restarting Alfred 3.app the workflow works again. So my question is, does this maybe have something todo with Alfred
  4. So far the problem must by macOS itself. Using AppleScript: it works Using commands: it doesn't works
  5. Hi, I'm using the - latest stable Alfred - in macOS 10.13.2 (german locale) I'm a webdeveloper and use tools like iTerm, PhpStorm, Mail, Spotify, Git-Tower, Parallels, iA Writer, Finder, Adobe Apps, Bartender, 1P, DropBox, Flexiglass (Move/size windows), FantastiCal, Chrome, TextExpander... Problem: I'm heavily using the clipboard history of Alfred which works after a restart for a different amount of time. (some minutes mostly). After that pressing enter on a selected clipboard item does copy the item into the clipboard but the former window could not be acti
  6. hey ctwise, does your workflow work with macOS Sierra? Because I always get an error?
  7. Thanks, but I don't want ask about a specific workflow. I already tried writing my own with some workarounds. But nothing helps. But, yes, I can post also in specific workflow threads. Thanks Deanishe
  8. Hi, do anybody has a solution for this problem: every alfred workflow which worked pretty well with macOS El Capitan stopped working since I updated to macOS Sierra. I always getting dialog with info that IPSec certificate (Shared Secret) is missing. (But the connection works, if I start it via mouse in the icon dock top right of macOS display. Does anybody have same tips for me?
  9. Hey folks, as a software developer I often use die clipboard history and I know exactly the position of the clipboard history element, which I need. Is it possible (e.g. via alfred workflow) to paste directly the 2nd,3rd,nth clipboard item in the alfred clipboard history? that would be awesome, cheers Josef
  10. I'm actually creating a workflow for the TYPO3 community http://www.typo3.org(an open source cms system) which should add features like Open TYPO3 backend in a new tab, Open TYPO3 install tool in a new tab. Therefore my script already supports Chrome and Safari. My problem is, that the safari tab isn't created after my current tab. It seems it isn't possible to changing The index value of a tab. Is there any possibility to make this working with a workaround? thx Jousch This is my actual script: on alfred_script(q) global backendPathSegment set backendPathSegmen
  11. I don't have problems. Do you set up your project at google?
  12. Hey Shawn! Thank you for your new workflow. If anybody else have problems with setting up an API key (basically I've followed https://cloud.google.com/translate/v2/getting_started?hl=en#setup): create or select a project in the Google Developers Console and enable the API -> I've created a new Project project settings page -> Add my billing informations Add a Browser-API-Key without adding a HTTP-Referrer Added the Browser-API-Key in the workflow I had to wait a few minutes, after my api-key was accepted when trying to translate something. (The best thing is to debug the workfl
  13. Thanks for updating!!! For everyone else who has problems with the workflow after updating to v1.3: Open filter.php Delete the following code (line 91) $trans = $alphred->get( $query, [ 'useragent' => 'alfredworkflow' ], 2419200, true ); and replace it with the following code $ch = curl_init( $query ); curl_setopt( $ch, CURLOPT_USERAGENT, 'alfredworkflow' ); curl_setopt( $ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true ); $trans = curl_exec( $ch ); curl_close( $ch ); and you should be done.
  14. The workflow breaks also when installing another global php version (e.g. with homebrew). I had to fix the workflow with your proposed one-liner-fix. PHP 5.6.13 (cli) I have another question regarding your nice workflow: Is it possible to trigger the workflow with a hotkey? I've tried some combinations but I didn't get it done. My desired workflow would be: select some text -> press a shortcut -> fires up trans workflow with the selected text
  15. Hey, with your mentioned fix $trans = exec( "ruby -r open-uri -e 'puts open(\"{$query}\") { |io| io.read }'" ); my workflow works now. Maybe it is a problem with the PHP version? (PHP 5.6.12 (cli))
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