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  1. Sorry for the lack of clarity. I'd still like to enter the full date of birth (as "2003-Dec-16") but generate to the clipboard only the year and month (as "10y 1m"). Thanks again for your kind help! Sean
  2. @giovanni Thanks! It works great. Much appreciated Is it easy to alter so that only the year and month appear? Including the date is too granular for my purposes. I guess I better learn to code... Sean
  3. YYYY-Mon-DD 2021–May-26 Thanks!
  4. I often need to calculate a person’s age based on their date of birth for medical documentation. Ideally, the output would appear as “8-year, 3-month-old” as I have a pediatrics practice. Is there a workflow in Alfred for this? If not, can TextExpander or another app perform this quickly? Thanks! Sean
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