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  1. I believe that I’ve my made my position clear, as have you. I tried to carry on the discussion civilly and understand that your passion for ultra security and the product may have made it difficult for you to do the same, but you have shown admirable restraint in not allowing this discussion to denigrate. I suggest we end the volley here understanding that reasonable minds can differ. Have the last word if you wish. I won’t be responding any further. Thank you again for your initial support about my inquiry.
  2. My preference, given the narrow way you frame it, is, naturally, a clear win for everyone. That said, I wrote that this works for me and that it is one spot on the continuum of of security vs. convenience. YMMV While I respect your knowledge and what is clearly a deep concern for Alfred users and the product, I am merely stating that this is MY point of view. Neither my perspective nor yours applies to everyone all the time in every scenario. I’m offering an alternative.
  3. My configuration is safe. I do appreciate your concern. At the risk of starting an argument or debate, which is not my intention, let me state here that I stand by my comment about the risk being infinitesimal. Everything is relative. While the risk is not 0% it is certainly far lower than an enormous number of other risks and vulnerabilities that users face daily. There is always a continuum between security and convenience. Neither extreme is practical. This risk, while extant, is at what I deem sufficiently secure and adds a layer of convenience that I - and probably many others - find useful and productive. Again, your concern is noted and appreciated. Mine is just another view.
  4. That looks interesting enough to check out. Thanks for the tip. 👍
  5. Thanks for your reply. I'm aware of the potential security risks and presumed that Alfred would be able to build this functionality in the same way that Keyboard Maestro has built their "Remote Trigger." There is certainly a risk, albeit a infinitesimal one, when using KM's Remote Trigger because of the trigger ID that's assigned to it. The system simply calls a URL, which contains a lengthy/complex ID, that is connected to their version of a remote server. Alfred's functions offer tremendous powers and the ability to harness them from outside. the network would be helpful. Those that didn't want to incur the security risks would always have the option of not using the "outside the network" remote functions.
  6. I'm new to this forum and just saw the post. I too would like to use the Alfred Remote app to access the controls, well, remotely. Based on everything that I've read Alfred Remote is limited to controlling a computer that is on the same network as the iOS device on which you've installed the app. I find this disappointing and am currently using a various combination of iOS shortcuts, SSH and AppleScript to shut down my Mac but find it unreliable. If the good folks on Alfred's development team but their minds to it I'd bet they could come up with a more consistently reliable solution. Having a tool that would allow control over the various functions available in the Alfred Remote app outside the network - such as from a cellular network when you're away from your home or office - would be incredibly valuable to me. The app currently costs about $5, which strikes me as a complete waste. If it could perform these functions outside the same network as the computer it's controlling is on I'd gladly pay 5X as much (yes, that's a lot but that's how important this ability is to me). In the meantime I've taken another approach. I currently use BLEUnlock to automatically lock my Mac when my device of choice (I use my Apple Watch but you can use your iPhone or iPad just as easily) is more than X feet away from the computer. (There's also a mechanism to use it by RSSI, or signal strength, but I find the proximity measurement to be so useful that I've not had the need to dig further into the settings.) It's a terrific app - and free - and is as reliable as the sunrise. It doesn't do everything the Alfred Remote app does but for this one function it's perfect.
  7. Thanks for the tip. Did that - results attached. Life is good. 😁
  8. Bravo! Thanks SO much for your specific guidance on this. It works EXACTLY as I wanted (see new screenshot). It was the one thing missing from Alfred that I had found so frustrating. Many thanks to you (and @Giovanni) for your patient assistance.
  9. Thanks very much for your follow-up. Yes, pasting that string into Alfred yielded a dialog box as described (see attached screenshot). It also created an entry in the custom search fields for "recent" after I clicked the "Oh, Yes!" button. So far so good and thanks for that clear guidance. What I am trying to do is to replace the standard Google search that appears when invoking Alfred and entering a search term (as shown in the attached screenshot with "ethernet over power lines" search entry). My preference is to have the standard Alfred Google search replaced with the new "recent" custom search just created. In other words, I don't want to have to type "recent" followed by the search term every time I do a search. Sometimes I see what I want in a file on my local drive and other times when I don't I want to hit the Return key to have it search Google. But when I hit the return key I want it to search using the "recent" custom URL instead of the standard Google search. In essence, I want to change the default search. Can that be done? Many thanks.
  10. I appreciate your reply (although I could have done without the "It says right there" - I can read what it says... which is why I'm asking for assistance or a workaround). That said, I've attempted to "figure out the URL" as you put it. I have attempted to do that and have been unable to which, again, is why I sought help from the forum.
  11. Thanks for trying but https://www.google.com/search?q={query}&tbs=qdr:y definitely does not work.
  12. My preferred way to search Google is to limit results to the past year. To do so I use this URL: https://www.google.com/webhp?cr=&tbs=,qdr:y I have attempt to enter that in the "Search URL:" field in Alfred's Preferences so that I could search within Google using that time limit just as I do on a new web tab. However Alfred's response when I click the "Lookup" function is an invalid search. The URL in the dialog box is cut off after the "/webhp" just at the question mark. I have attached a screenshot as illustration. Can anyone provide guidance as to how to use this specific Google search URL as a Custom Search? The intent is so that when I enter a term into Alfred's search field this Custom Search URL would appear as the default search. Then when I hit Return it would enter the searched term in Google's search field and activate the search just as it does for the standard Google URL. Thanks in advance for any guidance you can offer.
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