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  1. This workflow has been updated to allow QR code creation with a selection hotkey. If either the selection contains nothing or the qrc/qrp keywords don't have a parameter, then the clipboard is used. Thanks @vitor for those ideas to improve the workflow!
  2. Thanks vitor! I followed your first suggestion and filled out the "About this Workflow" section and re-uploaded the release, thanks for that reminder. Your other suggestions are awesome, thanks for sharing those. In the near future, these updates will be made. I come from a development background and have been like a kid in a candy store with Alfred and experimenting with each feature.
  3. Summary All of the QR code generator workflows I've come across use a dependency, such as an external installation, embedded app, or web service. Given that MacOS can create QR codes natively, that's what I did with this workflow. Usage I've configured this to use two different keywords, qrc & qrp. The qrc keyword creates a QR code that copied to the clipboard. The other keyword, qrp does the same thing, except at the end it'll open the QR code in Preview to allow saving as an image/pdf. When using either qrc or qrp without a parameter this workflow will attempt to use text contained on the clipboard. This same flow is followed if you set a hotkey for the selection and nothing is selected. Download https://github.com/TorreyBetts/Alfred-QRCode/releases/download/v1.0.2/QR.Code.alfredworkflow GitHub https://github.com/TorreyBetts/Alfred-QRCode
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