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  1. Thank you for the feedback. I truly appreciate it and will implement the changes.
  2. Another URL shortener. Quite simple, yet highly effective. Description Simplify link sharing with this Alfred 5 workflow that effortlessly shortens URLs using the TinyURL API. Installation Download the workflow from GitHub. Usage Activate Alfred and type `tiny` followed by a space and the lengthy URL you want to shorten. Press return ⏎ to generate a compact TinyURL link, which is automatically copied to your clipboard for easy sharing.
  3. macOS 13.6 Alfred 5.1.3 [2175] I am unable to run Python 3.11 scripts as Workflows. As suggested in other posts, I tried adding a symlink to Python 3.11 as `python` or `python3` in /usr/bin but macOS doesn't allow me to, neither via GUI or terminal (base) alex@Alexs-MBP bin % ln -s /usr/bin/python3 python ln: python: Operation not permitted (base) alex@Alexs-MBP bin % conda deactivate alex@Alexs-MBP bin % ln -s /usr/bin/python3 python ln: python: Operation not permitted alex@Alexs-MBP bin %
  4. Hi everyone, I'm wondering if there's a way to create an Alfred app workflow that can launch a specific chat in Discord. For example, if I type "discord #general" in Alfred, it would open the #general channel in my default Discord server. Or if I type "discord @user" it would open a direct message with that user. I know there are some workflows that can launch apps or websites with Alfred, but I'm not sure how to do it with Discord chats. Does anyone have any idea or experience with this? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi. Thanks for this tool! tc:clean or tc:full do not retrive my custom cleaners at the moment. Although the Run Last Cleaner action works every time. Version 9.1.2 (3058) ~ Quick screen capture here. Let me know if you can help!
  6. Thanks Andrew! This is totally game-changing. It looks like it explains itself. I just wasn't aware of the existence of those elements. Thanks you so much!
  7. Hi! I'd appreciate a copy of this workflow too. There are many "comparison" websites that use questionable search queries, and this would be extremely useful. https://www.g2.com/compare/shopify-vs-magento https://www.g2.com/compare/{query1}-vs-{query2}
  8. Just what I was I looking for. Should have tons of likes!
  9. That worked! Unfortunately at the moment the URL handler in AlfredApp only shows the contact location in BusyContacts, but it does not open it as a "Get info" action. I've contacted BusyContacts support to see if there is a way to get Alfred to open the single card instead of the contact list.
  10. A log would have precious information on usage, and it would be really useful to know which actions are performed most often. I had a look at the db file @deanishe pointed out, but I don't see any easy to access information. Any hints?
  11. Is it possible to change Change Alfred default Contacts app? I've tried changing the default app to open .VCFs but did not help.
  12. Is there an Alfred Workflow to toggle menu bar location between different displays?
  13. Here's my extremely primitive workflow. So basic that it doesn't even deserve a post on the 'share' section. Please update file paths username to your username and check the paths before you use it faf Search All Disks for {query} fafd Search Dropbox for {query} fafsd Search Startup Disk for {query} fafvol Search /Volumes for {query} fafid Search iCloud Drive for {query} This could be a very powerful workflow with some more advanced coding involved. Feel free to use it and improve it as you wish. https://www.dropbox.com/s/fmfx27js9x4zjan/Find Any File.alfredworkflow?dl=0
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