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  1. How does the script filter work, I am trying something like if [ $# == 1 ] then set query = "url1" elif [ $# == 2 ] then set query = "url2" fi and linked it to an Open URL action where I have just mentioned the search URL as {query}, but its not working.
  2. I looked at the example that were provided by default and use almost the same, which was something like com.companyname/creator/workflowname But then again, its something you can create on your know.
  3. Is it possible to provided multiple parameters to a workflow? I tries {query0} {query1} / {query1} {query2} neither of the above worked. And if we give {query} {query} they both are the same values, so should I be passing it to a shell script and then work out the logic there and then invoke my operations accordingly?
  4. Sharing my workflow to search Jetbrains IDE's plugins (now its just IDEA) README file - http://bit.ly/13v194n Download - http://bit.ly/VFv1Z0
  5. Sharing my workflow to search bitbucket for projects. https://github.com/vksvicky/bitbucket-alfred-workflow The README file - http://bit.ly/101hqy7 Download @ http://bit.ly/TVd5sq
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