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  1. Hi there, I am more or less looking for the same think. The only difference is that i want to hit a keyword, search for a contact and after send the phone number or email to omnifocus as a new task and send the email or phone number as a attachment. Best regards, Leonard
  2. Hello there Alfred users, Since I dont know how to script I was wondering if someone can create this type of workflow: The idea is simple, I want to be able to search for a name in my contacts app via keyword and after send it to omnifocus as a new task in the inbox. Th same idea could be applicable to email as well. What I mean is search for a contact, view it in alfred, copy phone number or email, copy to clipboard, go back to alfred where you can add a task that you will send to omnifocus where you will have a new task with email or phone in attachment. Now if I am thinking about it, is not that simple. Can this be done? its to complicated? Best regards, Leonard
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