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  1. I do something like you propose. Easiest approach is to create Service via Automator and you then can create a shortcut if you wish. I can and do trigger this using Alfred but via Keyboard Maestro as well. This a bit convoluted but works fine. The new shortcuts on Mac will probably make this easier to do. Typing this on the run, …. Can elaborate if of interest, …
  2. Yes, ... no argument with getting a system that works for you ... and universal actions seems a big step up on my preliminary play. I was trying to ask does your setup mean you have forgone Hyperkey as the start point for shortcuts and so you are using Alfred for all (most) of you automation, searches, actions etc. I am a dummy so I wondered if I was not understanding your set up accurately. Are you maintaining something similar to what you have done before? I have done a reorganisation and experimenting with using F7 to invoke Universal actions, with the benefit of only one keystroke ... and might even move this to F1 if I find I start using Universal Actions a lot.
  3. Really interesting, ... but what's wrong with (for example) double tap shift key, ... ? Does this limit use of Hyperkey for other things?
  4. Why this, "If you're already familiar with Alfred's File Actions, you can use the same hotkey you previously used for files for Universal Actions." Does Universal Actions supercede "File Actions"
  5. Thank you deanishe, ... your comments encouraged me to have another look at ShortcutDetective and the idea about a possible clipboard issue triggered my thinking process to resolve. I had previously tried ShortcutDetective without success. I just tried again, but not selecting a file, and it told me KM was using ⌘C. I was momentarily perplexed because this is not my "Selection HotKey". I did however find I had ⌘C in KM as a trigger on a macro I have never used. This is of course a stupid trigger to use! 😔 Strangely enough it never disrupted my copy activities. I killed the ⌘C KM trigger. "Selection HotKey" now works. I assume the issue is that behind the "Selection HotKey" is a copy and paste routine. As always with troubleshooting the answer is usually very simple, ... once identified. 🤔
  6. Yes looked at KM settings and tried a few things but no breakthrough ,
  7. On my iMac the "Selection Hotkey" only works if I close Keyboard Maestro. I have tried a range of hotkeys so it seems unlikely there is a Hotkey conflict. Any suggestions re diagnosing or fixing this issue? Thanks, ...
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