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  1. Hi everyone, I've built a workflow that grabs the current weeks comic books and allows you to quickly add them to Fantastical. I have built in some fairly interesting uses for autocomplete. It allows you to step forward and back through the workflow. I've written a deeper explanation of what the workflow does on my blog. You can download the workflow here. The code is located on Github. Let me know if you have any question about what I did. I'd love to talk about it. Bueno
  2. I've got an implementation of my project working with autocomplete and no applescript. However, it requires that the script filter take a required argument in order to facilitate passing my next argument to my script. My script now takes an initial argument. In my script I decide which step of the workflow (essentially which "page" I want to be in) I am in based on this initial argument. I then generate different feedback based on this decision. It works...but native chaining support would be greatly appreciated. Also, native chaining support could introduce the ability to step forward and backward steps in the workflow. But that argument is probably for another day and another thread...
  3. This is great. However, I feel like there is a better way to go about this. Why can't we chain the output of a script filter to the input of another script filter? Applescript feels like a hack. I am working on a workflow that gathers the coming weeks comic books from this website. I have scraped the page and stored the results in a file. I would like to start my workflow and see the publishers releasing comic books this week. Actioning on a publisher should bring you to a list of all the comics that specific publisher is releasing that week. Further actioning on a specific book would bring you to the item web page associated with that book. Maybe the applescript way is sufficient, but intuitively I believed that you could chain script filters together and came here when I realized you could not. Thanks for all the help though! I love Alfred!
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