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  1. Not quite, but that's a start, maybe I'll explore more first. Thanks guys! @dray and @guib
  2. In Alfred, you can search files, using the ', then after which you can use the right arrow to view more options, and each options allow u to do a specific task, like Open, Browse Folder In Alfred How do I implement this in a workflow? For example, Open -> New Project Query Name -> Right Arrow -> Shows a list of options -> A list like npm run dev, npm run build, deploy, etc.
  3. Wow it seems alot harder than I thought. After giving some thought, I was thinking maybe I can use Forklift to integrate with Alfred. Because Forklift have a synclet function that Alfred can open because the synclet functions as a app The Synclet will then deploy the files into the server. But then it probably will not be very dynamic because you must create keywords for each synclet. My main concern is probably trying to figure out how to make Alfred open a particular file in ST2 then make changes to the file automatically. Something like a Automator? Or can i do it with scripts? This is t
  4. just curious how do i make it do a post notification instead? Cuz mayb internet is slow and waiting for the query from screen is odd. It would be great, if i can just enter and then when it is ready, it will just show on notification. Nice workflow Something to think about, it definitely make the workflow better in terms of user experience...
  5. Hi, I was always thinking how to cut short my work progress. It will be cool if that's a way to auto compile local environment data then upload to a specific live site using Alfred. I'm weak at scripts, etc, hence it would be cool if anyone can help point out to me into some direction. Currently, I'm just thinking maybe, make Alfred do this workflow. 1) Export MYSQL database from MAMP (local) 2) Save the SQL file to a folder 3) Copy the whole wordpress folder. Access a particular FTP (through Forklift or some other FTP programs) 4) Paste the wordpress folder to the directory
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